Wednesday, 21 March 2012

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Black and White Biscuits

An offering for an afternoon chez les cousins (thank you Linda Collister's Easy Baking). Packed with oats (and the odd dark chocolate chunk), these are practically health food. Unlike last time, Steph did not keep the leftovers. Because there weren't any.

It was a rainy day. An incredibly rare occurence down the Mediterranean way. I haven't checked this, but apparently it hasn't rained here since November! I think I would have gone mad (madder) long ago if I was trying to be a stay at home mum somewhere I was forced to actually stay at home. My sanity level rises or falls in direct proportion to the number of minutes a day spent out of the house. I am constantly on the lookout for RTBCs that I live in Béziers... I need look no further.

The Stephs' house is bigger and has more stuff and more children than ours, so it is our first port of call in a storm. The kids threw themselves into that perfect rainy day activity: dressing up. Matilda informed Fanf over the phone tonight that she dressed up as a knight and as a princesse. Note the use of language here. She always says princess in French. I'll be honest, initially she was dressed up as a knight and she wasn't happy about it.

And swiftly exchanged costumes for the princesse.

But photos only tell part of the story, watch this and then tell me that my daughter's not a knight at heart.

Two swords, folks.

So proud.


  1. That's my girl!!! À princesse warior :j

  2. Your very own budding Boudica ;-) xxx

  3. Owen seems to be more interested in eating his sword though.



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