Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Groundhog Day

Exactly two weeks after an afternoon at Tantine Anne's ended in a wonky ankle, an afternoon at Tantine Steph's began with a rewonky ankle. We removed the strapping on Friday. We managed one glorious day of Carnaval with a full complement of feet. And then spent Sunday afternoon at the hospital.

Keeping a sense of perspective, this is not bloody awful. It's just bloody irritating. Matilda can still get about with the strapping on, although often the other leg is aching by the end of the day and we can't get a shoe on so she will not be going to the ball, or anywhere too taxing for a thick sock. And with only a brief hiatus we have swiftly returned to disturbed nights, neither minibeast getting to dash off their boundless energy. Last night, determined to make the best of a rubbish situation, when they woke in the wee hours I sat down and read to them from Finn Family Moontroll. The company of the wise and wonderful Tove Jansson makes keeping watch at some ungodly hour almost pleasant.

This morning we sent Matilda off to school with a scarecrow foot. Fashioned from an arm I cut off a battered old cardi and some elastic bands. I'm expecting a call from Blue Peter at any moment.

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  1. Oh dear. You're just going to have to strap her 2 a chair for a couple weeks.



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