Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Cadbury's Caramel kind of a day

When it comes to filling our days with activities my eyes are bigger than my tummy. I woke up this morning feeling stressed because I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in all the fun things I had planned. Barmy, right?

So I decided that although the Mini GBBE usually takes place on a Wednesday, it wouldn't kill me to bake tomorrow. Or not. And maybe rather than getting out every single piece of art material we own I could let the minibeasts play together and I could take my time making lunch rather than racing around the kitchen like Jamie Oliver on speed trying to sort the paintbrushes whilst chopping pepper. I grandly announced to Fanf this morning that I was going to take it easy. "C'est bien, ma chérie, tu mûris." About time.

What is more, once I had pootled around making lunch I abandonned all formal activities to dance along with the minibeasts to the Disney CD Vic kindly gave us. I even danced along to It's a Small World. I love Disney but It's a Small World is a spoonful of sugar too much. And yet I danced, because that's the kind of mum I am. Totally dedicated to my kids' pleasure*.

The reason I had originally hoped to cram baking into the morning (which I've done before, and it does feel like a cram) was that I had planned to go to the beach at Valras this afternoon. This we did. The grandspoilers joined us for the first time ever and gamely occupied my water-crazed minibeasts. It was gloriously easy.

*Actually, like most other objects in our house, the CD player is dying a slow death and whenever I try to skip a track it just downs tools altogether. Hence submitting myself to Disney's chirpy melodic brainwashing. Now please excuse me as I rush out to purchase Bambi.

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  1. That was easy! Beautiful pics (I love how M. has red knickers. That's your girl!) ;)
    My CD player is dying, too of overuse. Technology these days!


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