Thursday, 9 February 2012


Now I know you've all been getting mighty frustrated. Where is this post on pyjamas we were promised? I seem to hear you cry.


Last Friday I went to the sales (silent soul scream) to buy the mini-beasts some new pyjamas. I am jealous. I love pyjamas. I would live in pyjamas if I could. Generally I change into my pyjamas as soon as I am sure I will not be leaving the house again that day. I suspect the world would be a nicer place if we all wore pyjamas all the time. It would be a great leveller. If I were ever to be offered the post of "Boss of Everybody" the main tenets of my benevolent dictatorship would be 24-hour pyjamas and cake for breakfast (as everyone would be wearing pyjamas for every meal there would be considerable latitude for some gross misinterpretation here I think).

Anybody wishing to support my candidature for the post of "Boss of Everybody" should wear pyjamas and eat cake for breakfast. You'll soon realise I am what the world needs.

And Everybody should be reassured that I would make an exception to the pyjama rule for occasional nudity, both necessary and gratuitous.


  1. Pyjamas all day long and cake for breakfast! You can count on my vote.

  2. Pyjamas all day is a great idea, although I think I would extend the cake rule to every meal. And if you agree to my proposal for snipers on bridges to deal with pesky middle lane drivers, you will my full unequivocal support to become the ruler of everything.



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