Wednesday, 1 February 2012

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Soft baked white chocolate, coconut and cranberry cookies

From the prosaically named but rather lovely I love to bake! (so much so that I feel the need to add an exclamation mark to show you just how much) by Tana Ramsay, kindly given to the GBBE by Katie. I thought that if these cookies tasted even half as good as they sounded then we would be having a fat Wednesday down our way. And they tasted twice as good. Given the amount that we made (a fat lot) the number that survived the trip from the cooling rack to the storage container was shameful. A cookie genocide. These are definitely going on my list of "Show-off Bakes".

O received a short back and sides mid-dégustation.

And normal chaos was resumed after a sluggish climb down from the excitement of the big city.


  1. Haven't you made those before? Perhaps without the coconut?

    1. The recipe is from a book Katie gave us this Christmas. White chocolate is indeed a staple of the GBBE diet, and we have made a variety of muffins with white chocolate + random red fruit, but we have never used cranberries before. Coconut is a new favourite of M's (hooray! no maternal pressure there at all).


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