Thursday, 2 February 2012

Crêpes and our Butcher and Bugsy Malone

Today is Le Chandeleur, otherwise known as la Fête des Crêpes, and we did fait some crêpes. Or at least my lovely maître crêpier did. Every house should have one. There is some religious significance to the festival but a quick squiz on wikipedia suggests that like most religious festivals it was half-inched from the pagans. I'm bound to say I don't much care, any kind of festival that allows me to eat crêpes is worth celebrating. I did like the suggestion on wikipedia that crêpes are eaten on 2nd February because they are round and yellow like the sun and so represent the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Seems a bit premature but again, I don't want to rock any crêpe-laden boats.

This is Owen trying out his new favourite word: more.

I went to my friendly butcher Franck this morning to buy some ham to put in our crêpes and as change for my 5 euros note he gave me two 2 euros coins, and one euro coin. I think this is because we brought him back an official Olympic pin for his mum, who collects pins. When we gave it to him he wanted to pay us (he had asked us to bring one back) but of course we refused. The man feeds my children their body weight in ham every week. So this is how he chose to thank us. I think this exchange of kindnesses is so much nicer than an exchange of money. And it goes to show that, as I always suspected, Bugsy Malone had it right all along: You give a little love and it all comes back to you.

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  1. Only in Béziers!
    Margot's favourite word is "encore".


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