Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My mini bookworm me (the other one)

I don't seem to have much going on in the old noggin at the moment. And when a post does pop up between the ears it feels like a repeat of a post I've already written. But to be fair to my second born, I shall write this one down. I apologise, but this blog is as much for me and my family as it is for you.

Owen loves books. Like Matilda, he was a late starter. Flicking through baby picture books didn't fire his imagination but now he can appreciate a short story, with expressive illustrations, and can recognise images and make noises, he loves being read to. And he loves just sitting and flicking through the pages. His current favourite is Pip and Posy The Scary Monster by Axel Scheffler, who illustrated The Gruffalo. That and Tractors with Flaps. Tractors. With Flaps. It doesn't get much better than that in O's literary world. At the moment all he wants to do is read. He's constantly settling himself into the sofa with a book and then instructing me to sit down and read with him. He does this with great economy: Maman, ça!

I don't expect or particularly want my children to share all my passions but reading and books are more than a passion: they are a way of life. So hooray for my two little bookworms.

Here is a video of Owen being read to. It's nice to capture my little O enjoying quieter pursuits. I love the way he nods his approval of the story. And the little hooray! at the end.


  1. It runs in the family ;) xxx

  2. Thank you for the story. You should this more often. Margot enjoyed "storytime with bex"


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