Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Moments, Thoughts and Anecdotes

In no particular order...

1. Expectations: a thought
Sometimes anticipating something will be bad, which I suppose should more rightly be termed apprehending, can be good. Expectations play should a huge part in how we experience life. This year Christmas was good.

2. Stargazing: a moment
Lying on the Stephs' gigantic second floor terrace on a gigantic beanbag, with Steph, at 3am on New Year's Day, all snuggly under a blanket, looking at the stars. We admitted to each other that we still don't feel like grown ups. Will I ever feel like a grown up? Do you feel like a grown up? Is it even desirable to feel like a grown up?

3. Knickergate: an anecdote
Last week I took the mini-beasts to the park. Owen was a bit snotty and the snot only became more free flowing out in the brisk winter air. I neglected to bring either tissues or babywipes. Evidence, if evidence is needed, that I am not a proper mum. Proper mums always have tissues on them. Even half decent mums will remember to bring appropriate nose wiping apparatus when already in full possession of the knowledge of leaky nostrils. I ended up, surreptitiously, blowing my son's nose on a pair of my daughter's (clean, I hasten to add) knickers.

4. When I'm 64: a thought
Great Nana Iris was with us this Christmas. I loved seeing her reading to the mini-beasts. But I hated seeing her struggling to balance her iron will to be independent with her desperate need for help and reassurance. In the shower on Christmas morning I composed a little manifesto for myself when I'm old.

Always maintain as much independence, self-sufficiency and dignity as possible but have the good grace to accept and request help with honesty, humility and gratitude. And remember, life is essentially undignified.

5. Clown feet: an anecdote
Few things provided me with more fun and amusement over Christmas than Owen's festive shoe fetish. Every night during dinner while we were at my parents' house he took the opportunity to try on the huge variety of shoes on offer by the door (we were 14 adults). He tirelessly sashayed up and down the length of the dinner table delighting his captive audience.

No shoe too large.

6. Being a kid: a thought
Dancing round in a circle until you all accidentally on purpose fall over. Simple. Silly. Hilarious. Being a kid is brilliant.


  1. He even has Dan's shoe fetish ;-) xxx

  2. I don't feel like a grown-up.
    I catch myself skipping sometimes while walking with my Simon ;) That's a good sign.


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