Wednesday, 11 January 2012

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Gâteau Choco Coco à la Bex

This is how the mini GBBE works: I ask Matilda what kind of baking she wants to do, big cake, small cakes, biscuits, loaf, and then I ask her what she wants to put in it. I used to guide her choices but now I don't have to. Then I look for a recipe in my books or online that doesn't involve anything scary with egg whites. Today Matilda wanted to make a big cake with coconut and chocolate. I found one here on Chocolate and Zucchini. A lovely food blog recommended to me by our GBBG Katie. Now the reason I'm a bad baker is because when I can see that my cocoa is all lumpy and won't mix in I blithely reassure myself that it will all magically come together in the oven. Only it doesn't. It didn't. The cake contained bitter little bursts of cocoa. Luckily Matilda and I had decided to improve the recipe by adding some icing. White chocolate coconut icing. Oh my yum. This was an invention (not on a par with the washing machine but slightly better than the Soda Stream) which simply involved adding toasted coconut to my favourite white chocolate icing recipe. So there was a generous layer of crunchy sweetness to offset the results of my bad baker syndrome. Apologies if the photos are becoming a bit repetitive, there are only so many ways I can snap the mini-beasts eating cake.

In other news, today I instigated a group painting session. The first time Owen has picked up a paintbrush. There were mixed results. He seemed to enjoy it. That's good. We don't have to rule out the Slade just yet. But he spent most of his time trying to drink the paint water, trying to suck the paintbrush, or simply picking the paint up with his fingers and eating it. We started with eight recognisable colours. We finished with eight shades of sludge.

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  1. The photo's aren't repetitive, they're are eating different cake and wearing different clothes ;-). You can put as may of these GBBE post as you can, we all love them.

    Oh and the cake looks delicious, you're too honest, no one would have known about the lumpy cocoa if you hadn't mentioned it. xxx


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