Wednesday, 4 January 2012

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: White Chocolate and Dried Strawberry Muffins

Yes, back by popular request. Thank you to Ben and Dan, and especially to our GBBG (Greedy Bird Baking Guru) Katie, who not only added her voice to the request but very kindly gave the GBBE a whole host of fantastic new baking paraphernalia.

So, back with a twist on an old favourite. White chocolate and [fruit of choice to salve conscience that am feeding my kids healthily] muffins. Today we added these amazing little dried strawberries we get from the market. We eat them like sweets chez nous.

The muffins were a try out for a possible late New Year's, and even later Christmas present for our lovely friendly generous market stallholders. Several other attempts at baking goodies for the market folk leading up to Christmas went horribly wrong (how fortuitous that the GBBE was on sabbatical) but this time we have it cracked. So come Sunday morning Matilda and I shall be baking and handing out these little yummies. Better late than never.


  1. They look delicious, I'm sure everyone in the market will love them. xxx

  2. Those dried Strawberries look like candy.Yum!


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