Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I love London town

If any of you have been wondering where we all disappeared to the answer is, in the first instance, a variety of doctors' waiting rooms, and in the second instance, London. The week prior to our departure was a bit thick (sorry, I am reading P.G. Wodehouse and I've come over all Bertie Wooster). There were ear infections, high temperatures, conjunctivitis, hacking bronchial coughs and extreme grumpiness. Owen and I suffered his first trip to the kinésithérapeute to get rid of all his phlegm. I did my best to smile and chat to the personable young physio as he physically assaulted my son. Anyway, having O crushed six ways to Sunday and filling both mini-beasts full of antibiotics (*shudder* I hate antiobiotics) did the trick. We all caught the plane to London.

And London was super. Alex, Andrew, Toby and Jemima received us like royalty. Without all the tedious curtseying.

We went to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the National Gallery, and the parks. Though it was public transport that was the big hit, planes, tubes, boats on the Thames and above all the red buses. We also went to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground (twice) in Kensington Gardens, which is amazing. From simple things, like a small rocky mound (which I thought looked a bit rubbish but marvelled, and then got bored watching O totter up and down for half an hour) to a large pirate ship complete with rigging that you can climb up.

There was also, tucked away at the back, a lovely peaceful garden area with large musical instruments. Peaceful that is, until we arrived. I took this little video of Toby and Matilda leaping about on the musical squares. 100% kid happiness, I love it.

Aaah, Toby and Matilda (and Owen desperately trying to keep up). Matilda and Toby have been promised to each other from an early age and so far our match-making seems most prescient. I loved the way they constantly mirrored each other. Yesterday Matilda informed me that Toby was her "really best friend in the world ever." Here is a selection of my favourite photos of the joyous little pair.

And because I wouldn't want to forget their younger siblings, here are a few photos of Owen and Jemima (a mere eight weeks old) who make up for what they lack in chatter by being exceeding cute.

But for all the jumping on musical squares, hopping on and off buses and hanging out in cafés there was a fair amount of this going on:

It was a brilliant week and I feel like I have a huge store of RTBCs which will keep me going for some time to come. Not least of which is the wonderful friend I have in Alex and, having spent a week in each others' company, the reminder of how much I love my little family.


  1. Looks like a fab time- can't wait to hear more. Think you need to stop feeding Matilda MiracleGrow if you want Toby to keep up! Love to all, xx

  2. A nice long post. 3 comments:

    1. Why do English people bother with hats in the winter? There is no snow!
    2. That huge tire swing is awesome. In overcautious North America you would have to be 12 years old, wear a helmet and sign a waiver to use this.
    3. Naps are awesome. I always tell myself: nap when Margot naps! And I always do chores. d'oh.

    1. 1. Cold is relative and relative to the soft Southerners that we have become London was cold for little heads.
      2. English playgrounds are much better than French ones. A kid could do themselves some serious harm on an English playground (*she says proudly*).
      3. We realised that it's really easy travelling with a child O's age and a pushchair, they just sleep whenever and wherever. It was great. And M could catch some sneaky ZZZs in there every now and again as well. You should try it in the soft South of France, no hats required ;) xxx ...the travelling with a small child I mean, not sleeping in a pushchair.

  3. Oh welcome back! What a nice surprise to drop by and see a bevvy and words and pictures, as much as I did enjoy seeing Matilda in that hamper. So happy that you guys had a great time in London, and man those kids are cute. All of them! (But Jemima did make my ovaries squeal, just a little). xxxx


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