Sunday, 8 January 2012

Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Chocolate Brownies

Having made and given away all our muffins this morning we were feeling a little baked goodies bereft. So, armed with a brand spanking new brownie tin from our GBBG I decided I would try some brownies. As you know, brownies and I have a troubled past. But I was feeling brave. I opted for the recipe from Linda Collister's Easy Baking because I already had all the ingredients in the house. And because it is supposedly Easy. The process was indeed easy. And the results are most edible. If a bit whoah there! on the chocolate hit. I might use melted chocolate next time rather than Van Houten 100% cocoa. This didn't seem to bother the mini-beasts though. Maybe they'll be proper chocoholics, not closet Cadburyphiles like their Tamer.

But my brownies are still not quite right, as always they were too cakey round the edges, and primeval slime in the middle.

I therefore hereby make it my quest to find and execute to perfection the ultimate brownie recipe.

And to think I sometimes worry that my life lacks meaning...


  1. You not far off being perfect. A good brownie should be cakey on the outside but just cooked in the middle so that they are still gooey. May I make a suggestion, have you tried turning the oven down slightly, means the centre has little more time to cook without overcooking the outside.

    Fat Boy Baking Enterprises

  2. Wise words from FBBE. Many thanks x


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