Sunday, 15 January 2012

Birthdays! ... broken

Yesterday we were at the Stephs' celebrating Elise's 7th birthday and Pascal's 37th. It's always fun but fraught. Fun for them. Fraught for us. But how lucky are this petite bande to be able to get up to communal mischief together so often? Very.

When we arrived we were already trailing coughs, colds, and ear infections (Matilda). Today everyone is a bit broken. I feel like my brain is doing some kind of diabolic waltz to the death which requires me to sit with tea and chocolate until all fiendish eighteenth-century Viennese dance crazes quit my fevered head. Our most grateful thanks to Mr. Walt Disney, and his friends Dumbo, Pongo and Perdita, without whom our Sunday would have been hell on toast.

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