Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This weekend Fanf and I are going away. Just for one night. Not very far. But it'll be me'n'im, and nobody else. Courtesy of a giftbox birthday present from the French outlaws this year. How very thoughtful, as the lovely Jen said. Well, actually, as it was what I asked for, how very obedient.

I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time but what I enjoy as much as anything is the antici- (cue Frankenfurter) -pation. I love the feeling, the excitement, when you know something's coming, something good (bored with the musicals references yet? In my head, my life is a musical comedy). Since I confirmed our booking last week every time my brain idles suddenly, up it pops, the joyous presentiment that I'm soon to have a weekend with my Fanf. The sweet thrill of promise.

As I seem to be in a musicals mood, and because my anticipation is dazy with les sentiments amoureux I thought I'd share one of my favourite musical love songs with you: Cherry Pies Ought To Be You, by Cole Porter from Out Of This World.

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  1. That Cole Porter song has a Christmas feel to it. Don't know why, it just does!
    And thanks for the RHPS reference. I ended up watching the entire song on U-Tube while marking final exams.
    Details about your escapade: where are you going?


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