Monday, 7 November 2011

(too many) Bits and (not enough) doings: a not so jolly post

Do you ever feel that your mustard is uncut? Is uncuttable? In fact, that your mustard jar is empty and you've lost your knife.

I am in a blue funk. I feel like I can't get the simplest things done. I want to make a list. I don't even seem to be able to do that. I haven't had any time to myself for several weeks and it's all going a bit beserk in the old skull. The mini-beasts have formed a lurgy tag team, today Matilda came home from school shivering with a fever. Other people seem to manage to do all sorts of things at the same time as raising their children but at the moment I scrape through feeding, clothing and loving everyone. And that's all folks. I know being a full-time mum is a full-time job and all that but I used to do a full-time job and get on with other bits. I am thoroughly underwhelmed with myself at the moment.

Could do better.


  1. Have you ever thought that is how every mother feels at times. You probably just keep noticing the mothers that are going through good periods. I thinking you are judging yourself too harshly. Personally I think your are doing top notch job, and who cares if certain things don't get done, if they were that important they would get done. Anyway, I send a great big cyber hug with this message.


  2. You always say the rightest, loveliest things. You're marvellous I say, marvellous x)

  3. xox
    Some days are good, others are bad. That's life. If we didn't have the bad ones, we wouldn't appreciate the good ones.
    Love ya!

  4. I think you should try buying your mustard at a different store.


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