Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some actual doings

Disclaimer: I am not crafty. In the slightest. I enjoy it. I am not good at it.

Matilda's teachers asked all the kids to bring in a Christmas decoration from home to decorate the classroom. Hmmm, methought, why are they not making their own Christmas decorations in class? Does the modern curriculum that requires all children to have a working grasp of string theory by the time they're five leave no time for bin bag holly wreathes? Anyway, I decided that while Matilda gets on with splitting the atom at school we would have a go at some good old-fashioned Blue Petering at home. It was very much in the spirit of Blue Peter. Having toyed with the idea of buying felt, ribbon, and stickers to adorn our petit bonhomme de neige (Matilda's choice) I decided to opt for using only what I could find in the house. Mostly old socks and cotton pads. It's the first time M and I have really made something together at home, other than paintings, play doh and the like. It was so much fun and she's chuffed to bits to be taking her snowman to school tomorrow.

In this photo below he is saying "Hello Uncle Ben". Thought Uncle Ben might like to know.

And in more doings, the GBBE. I'd pretty much decided to ditch GBBE along with Bex's Bookshelves and simplify this blog to leave more time for shoddy crafting. This seemed the right moment as well because I had thought that this year I might make biscuits for everybody as Christmas presents. Matilda would help. It would be lovely and homespun and charming. The trial run was today and obviously I wouldn't put up photos because that would ruin the surprise. But surprise, our Christmas biscuits looked like this:

So you can all breathe a sigh of relief. These will not be skulking under a Christmas tree near you. I'd like to say they look like that because Matilda iced them. But she only iced one then got bored. Yup, the sloppy icing is all me. And it's meant to be red. They were yum and we wolfed them down as if Christmas Day were already upon us but still, back to the Christmas drawing board...


  1. I will miss GBBE. I remember its beginning... It was so inspirational! And I did enjoy my dose of Bex's Bookshelves.
    On the positive note, I'm looking forward to "Crafting with Bex". Hey, perhaps you can make videos (you-tube style) of you teaching your home viewers how to make xyz project. Just a passing thought ;)


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