Sunday, 20 November 2011


In an ideal world I would just drop in on my friends unannounced, perhaps bearing baked goodies, a bottle of wine or just a smile and an excuse to take a break from the wear and tear of daily life. But the dropping distance between Béziers and London say, or Ottowa, or Sydney, is prohibitive. My baked goodies would most likely be stale (or, even more likely, have gone tummyside en route) by the time I rocked up on the doorstep. There are a number of means of communication available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Skype, as well as offering free phone calls around the world, allows you the chance to actually see each other. My brother told me recently that 70% of communication is non-verbal, which suggests you're missing out on rather a lot when you're not face to face. Sometimes on Skype I find being able to see each other is a bit of a hindrance to free conversation, but when you have kids, when you want to show off your kids to others and have them show off theirs to you, then Skype is fun. The mini-beasts love skyping their uncles.

Last weekend I ditched the mini-beasts, furnished myself with a glass of wine and holed up in the bedroom to have a lovely Skype chat with Jen. This morning I had a Skype date with Anna and Rosie, 8am Frog time, 6pm Oz time. It was quite exciting padding downstairs, making myself a cup of tea, settling into the sofa, knowing that this evening, on the other side of the world, Anna was also settling in. Sadly the video didn't work Anna's side but I still finally got to hear Rosie and her chirpy Ozzie hello. It was so nice to link up with them, one marriage and three kids since Anna and I last spoke to each other.

Skype is not perfect. As Jen said, it feels less intimate than the phone. But I am really grateful that it's there and I can keep up with my intercontinental friends, as well as my continental ones. I am starting to make new friends here, but there's something special about friends that knew you before you were a parent. They know things but you know they won't say...


  1. Hey – that's us! It was so lovely to talk (and see) you guys. I'm sure I have my video sorted now for next time. And Bex, let's be honest, in an ideal world you would be rocking up on my doorstep with a bread, cheese and a bottle of home-made pear whisky. Or should I not say ;)


  2. (ahem.. there was supposed to be a question mark on the end. Should I not say? Sorry. Brain fart. BBBBrrrrrfffff!)

  3. Ah the beau père's killer "poire", I had almost forgotten. You see, that is precisely why pre-parent friends are so important. They help you to remember things that drinking too much pear whiskey has made you forget ;) xxx

  4. Like drinking rather too many cocktails at Yum Yum in Stokey! xxx


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