Tuesday, 22 November 2011

On slippers

Yes, slippers. Bex speaking out on the important issues of the day. In my little world, slippers are important. I love slippers. I need my feet to feel cosy, happy and loved. If my feet feel cosy, happy and loved then the rest of my body will surely follow. It's that simple. When I moved to Béziers I brought with me a pair of slippers I purchased in Jones when I was doing my MA, at the tender age of 22 (do you remember Jen, you were there!). Actually I thought they were shoes and spent several years wearing them as shoes until I got tired of being asked why I had come out in my slippers. I decided that 10 out of 10 people couldn't be wrong. But I probably was. So then they became my slippers full-time. About a year after moving to Béziers my toes started to poke through the ends. Stifling a sob I consigned them to slipper heaven.

What now? I had had the same slippers for ten years. I wanted to buy myself a new pair that would last another ten years. On the recommendation of my French sorority I bought a pair of (ridiculously expensive) Giesswein slippers. Believing, erroneously as it turned out, that I was investing in the long-term comfort of my tootsies. At first they were hugely promising, and then they fell apart. A bit like Lost. Disgusted, I hied me to Auchan and bought the cheapest pair of supermarket slippers I could find. These too failed to go the distance. Any distance. They were holy, as in dead, within a week. I nonetheless persisted in wearing them, to the point of sending myself slightly lame sliding about without lifting my feet to prevent the slippers from falling off. But as the cold arrived this year I decided enough was enough. I needed proper slippers, that would be loving and cosy but also allow me to safely scurry about the house like the mildly lunatic stay-at-home mum that I have become. And so, I give you France's own Collégien.

Super funky cosy toesty don't fall offy dashing up and down stairsy.

Of course I have only had them a week. But it has been a good week.

The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed two pairs of feet in the silly slipper shots. Naff? Tacky? Cheesy? Yay and yay and thrice yay. I resisted the matching red shoes, I simply couldn't resist the slippers. I think we look cute.

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  1. I'm speechless that you had the same pair of slippers for a decade. How can you beat that?! You can't? I hope your feet find the warmth and comfort they deserve. xx


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