Friday, 18 November 2011

The old stomping ground

I have just booked flights to London for me, and the mini-beasts, and the fella. Whoo hoo.

WHOO HOO, I say.

The whole Canteau-Pilbeam clan have granted themselves an early Christmas present. We will be flying out in January for a week. We will be squatting chez the unbelievably lovely Alex. Alex, as well as being super lovely, a staunch ally in this whole stay-at-home-mumness lark and a fellow culture vulture, lives within walking distance of the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A. It's going to be fun folks. The mini-beasts are not going to know what hit them.

Excited doesn't even begin to cover how I'm feeling right now.

And as a little added bonus, we don't have to do any Christmas shopping. The tickets for all four of us were a fantastic 150 euros. But still, the budget doesn't stretch to that and presents. I don't care, what better present than hanging out together in London for a week.

Did I mention, whoo hoo???


  1. When in January?? Better not be the week of the 16th as I'm in Italy! xxx

  2. Yes when? I am hoping you will have little spare time for you youngest brother to see you.


  3. 21st to 28th January. And of course we will be demanding an audience with all brothers/uncles in the vicinity... xxx

  4. Good good, I wouldn't have been very pleased if you had been coming over when I was away! xxx

  5. That is the perfect Christmas present! I'm so happy that all four of you will be traveling to cold and grey England ;)
    p.s. I wish flight tickets were cheap to go to Canada...


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