Wednesday, 23 November 2011

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise #33 Orange Cake, & #34 Butternut Squash Muffins

Cake for breakfast!

Matilda made this yesterday with Papi Mike. Who doesn't love cake for breakfast? Strange, sad people. That's who.

And today, with the motherbeast, she made Butternut Squash muffins from this Jamie Oliver recipe. I yanked the muffins from the oven just before heading down to the park, they looked anaemic and slimy and I was already planning a "Jamie stinks" post in my head. For a start his recipe made far too much batter for my one and only muffin tray. But having got home and tried them I shall revise this to a "Food processors stink" post. Today was the first time I've tried out the food processor I inherited from the grandspoilers. They're just not cricket are they, food processors? They feel like cheating. They're certainly not mini Greedy Bird-friendly. Stuff and mess went everywhere, including several cracked eggs that missed the target.

Conclusion: the muffins were delish. But we shall mix them up by hand next time. Call me a Luddite (really, I won't mind, I hate a machine where a human will do, I hate anything electrical or mechanical - such things make me feel and look stupid*) but what is wrong with a good old wooden spoon?

And in other news, after four weeks of rain, just when we thought we'd have to start honing our ark-building skills, this:

* I had to ring my dad to ask him how to turn on the food processor. I kid you not.

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