Thursday, 10 November 2011

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise #30 Cherry and Nut Bites

Matilda is suffering from growing pains. I always thought this was an emotional, metaphorical pain. But no, turns out it's a proper medical thing. Matilda has physical pain in her joints and according to our paediatrician this is most likely because she is growing. He suggested we feed her foods rich in magnesium. Almonds, I thought. I also thought raw broccoli but a spoonful of sugar and all that. I'm more Mary Poppins than Gwyneth Paltrow. So today we made cherry and nut bites, which contain ground and flaked almonds. They have oats in so they're officially healthy as well as being good and flapjacky, hooray for a bit of flapjacky. They're also most nibbly. The recipe is from Fast Cakes by Mary Berry, which Katie very kindly gave me. I love this book. Simple, no fuss. I've tried several of the recipes and they've all been great. For Matilda's elephant birthday cake I made Berry's Can't-Go-Wrong Chocolate Cake. Oh ho, a challenge. But even I could not make it go wrong. So for any other enthusiastic yet talentless bakers out there: Mary Berry.

Vic and Theo came round to join in with the munching this afternoon. Halelujah, other humans. It is still wet and miserable so we decided to brave rain and penury by going to a café. I would like to say it was lovely. Hanging out in cafés was one of my favourite ways to waste an hour or so pre-minibeasts. But going to a café with toddlers is not always the most relaxing activity and conversation tends to be stilted by continual interjections.

"So then I, put that down... where was I? Yes so, don't touch that... I was in the market when stop, arms are not detachable... when, erm, what was I saying, where are you going, come back here... sorry sorry, anyway I was, oh god, sorry, yes I'll pay for that."

Anyway today wasn't relaxing but it was fun. Owen showed off his straw skills, Matilda had hot white chocolate, and I had jardin bleu tea, which was as nice as it sounds (as was the hot white chocolate). Nothing got broken or spilled so really it was a huge success. Sometimes I think that those lovely pre-MB activities are worth doing now just to say you did them. To make you feel that there is still some connection with the you that was you before you were you and them.

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