Monday, 21 November 2011

La Fête

I'm afraid that despite what I said about catch-up posts, this is a catch-up post. I would justify myself, but hell, why should I? On Friday Matilda was invited to Maxence's third birthday party. We made Smartie Cookies (you like butter? you like smarties? you're human? you'll like them, recipe here) and then trotted off into the upper unknown regions of Béziers.

It was such a lovely afternoon. For so many reasons. Not least the chance for me to kick back, consume large amounts of fast sugars (yes, this was a proper birthday party) and chat with some fellow mini-beast handlers while the kids amused themselves jumping on things, off things, into things, into each other. And at one blissful moment, quietly playing all together with the Brio train track.

Yes, there were only three guests, and two of them belonged to me. It was an exclusive little fête.

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