Thursday, 3 November 2011

Keep calm and laugh along

Matilda received this fabulous birthday present in the post today from Nao. It was like the universe was speaking to me. Reasons for lack of calm and laughter round here are mounting steadily at the moment. But why? I seem to hear you cry.

1. Owen is just ending his second day of a high fever. He is only happy in two places: bed (mostly our bed) and my arms. This makes doing anything, including sleeping, tricky.
2. Matilda has once again descended into the hell of poo fear. Thus so have we. This afternoon she was sat on the toilet screaming and clinging to me, Owen was sat on my lap, also screaming. I wasn't screaming. I was sobbing.
3. Owen on the other hand is still squitty. We had to send off a full nappy to the hospital to be analysed. Next time I think I'm having a bad day I shall think about whatever kind and dedicated soul will be analysing our son's noisome execretions.
4. Our boiler broke and we had to spend more money we don't have on getting it fixed.
5. Béziers is in the grip of code red storms. This would be grand if I could hole up with some classic screwball comedies and a good book. Instead I am holed up with my little hot cross bun and my little nil by bum. Thank my lucky stars that we told everyone to get Matilda games for her birthday.

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  1. Oh Bex! Hang in there! xox (extra kisses for you and sweet Owen)


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