Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday in photos: so everyday, so good

Sometimes the everyday seems not enough and sometimes it seems all you could possibly wish for. Thankfully today was the latter. There were many small but meaningful RTBCs.

1. This morning's activity: balancing silicone cupcake cases and assorted baking related paraphernalia on our heads. I love silliness.

2. Matilda has learnt to draw happy little hairy people. They make me smile every time I see one.

3. Not quite everyday, Fanf was home because 11th November is a public holiday in France. I love my Fanf.

4. The park. Two whole hours without rain. Two. Count them. One, two. And a reunion with Maxence after two weeks of rain (two, count them...) Remember Maxence? Ah, young love...

5. Oh, and I almost forgot, I made a list. It doesn't look half so big and scary as when it was all pinging about in my head.


  1. Well done you. The picture made me smile as well. :0]


  2. I know I'm supposed to be a communications expert and stuff but your blogs posts just make me go "Awwww!"

    I know it doesn't always seem so from the inside, but from the outside, your life is so lovely! I'd like to knock on your window and come and join you (and not in a Wuthering Heights kind of way).

  3. I love Matilda's art! Hey, I wonder how much she charges for it ;) And I also love her (new?) dress.


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