Monday, 7 November 2011

En garde: a jolly post

Today the twins are four. Aren't they beautiful? I think they're beautiful. Yesterday we all braved the storms to hunker down at the Stephs for feasts and festivities.

Catching all seven cousins on camera is the family holy grail. The above shot is not too shoddy (if you ignore the stray hand, and I think you should). But it's real purpose is to display the two dressing up outfits the twins received for their birthdays. And the purpose of showing you their outfits is to crow about my daughter's preferences when it comes to dressing up. I am not at all into things girly. Fairies, princesses, pink. Uhhkk. I am trying to bring up Matilda, and Owen, using gender neutral parenting. But I can't help emitting a little yip of glee that she went for the sword. That's my strong female warrior.

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