Monday, 24 October 2011

A winning combination

Matilda + trampoline = pure happiness

Yesterday we went to Samland with Tom, Vic and Theo. I was a bit worried about what we were letting ourselves in for. Spending a day with the seven cousins under one roof leaves me with my head pounding like I've passed a nuit blanche gyrating incontinently next to a nightclub speaker. I imagine. I have never done this. But it was brilliant. The hangar was vast enough to dissipate the shrieks of delight and everything was super safe. The mini-beasts would have had to have been determined to the point of monomania to do themselves any harm. And I often think they are determined to the point of monomania to do themselves harm. But Samland was resistant to their dicing with the laws of physics. They just had a whole lot of fun. Owen could barely stand up when we left. Amongst other things, there was a dance floor with flashing lights, a gigantic climbing frame, multiple trampolines, a labyrinth and a small climbing frame with a ballpit. The only downside was that I couldn't join in. Not that I didn't try. I went through the gigantic climbing frame once with O, but I got told off. And then I felt a bit silly.

And another thing, an exchange with Matilda tonight that made my heart melt a little.

Matilda, snuggling up to me: You know I love you mummy.
Me: Ah, thank you Matilda. I love you very much too.
Matilda: You're cute with your red trousers.

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  1. Just to verify Bex (and increase the smuggness at the cuteness of her child ;o) ), I can confirm that Matilda did say this I was on the phone at the time.

    Almost brought a tear to my eye.


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