Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Windy Castle

Not this one.

This one.

It's called the Château de Mourcairol, the vestiges of which date from the late middle ages but as far as Matilda was concerned it was Windy Castle. And Aeolus is clearly on her side because it was very windy. And sunny. And balm to the soul to stand and survey the 360° panorama of breathtaking beauty. There was also a small chapel dedicated to Saint Michel which used to be a hermitage. Currently sans hermit. I was sorely tempted. The idea of being a hermit has always deeply appealed to me. I often go through what I call hermit periods. Though these are more difficult to indulge with the mini-beasts knocking about. But standing up there, with the tranquil site all to ourselves I imagined for one heavenly moment leaving life behind and allowing myself to live in simple daily awe at the world around me. Not right now perhaps. The mini-beasts are pretty awesome themselves at the moment. But at some point I would love to live the life of a hermit. A moment is probably all I'd need. But I think I will need that moment.

The mini-beasts seemed awed by the site themselves. Although what they really loved was climbing up and down the old stone stairs. Owen couldn't stop burbling and giggling he was so excited as he went flying down the steps, Uncle Ben valiantly holding him back from yet another face scuffing.

We took a pair of boculars for Matilda because she wanted to see Granny and Grandpa Pig from the top and we couldn't be sure there would be a telescope available. Sadly she didn't spy Peppa's grandparents but she did see a number of red elephants. Judging by the angle at which she was holding the boculars the only thing she should have been able to see was wall. But why let a silly thing like reality spoil your fun.

And Owen got in some good pointing.

But wherefore rambleth I? Today feels rather special. As those perceptive amongst you will have noticed, Uncle Ben is here. He arrived today. And there was much rejoicing. It is giving me a great amount of pleasure to see Matilda and Owen growing to love their uncles as much as I love my brothers. And getting out and about always lifts my spirits. The sense of history, tranquility and beauty, both natural and spiritual at "Windy Castle" was inspiring.

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  1. Sounds fun! Castles are great for kids. Unfortunately, we don't have castles here... I'm vicariously living through your family, Bex ;)


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