Monday, 3 October 2011

Sauvez nos Halles

Today my fellas, big and mini, were in the local paper, Midi Libre. We (I do not feature, the lady interviewer was clearly only interested in my two handsome men) were interviewed about plans to move les Halles, the indoor market which is a two-minute walk from our house. They wouldn't be moving very far but far enough to make it a lot less convenient with the mini-beasts in tow. More importantly, several of our favourite stallholders have said they couldn't afford to move. Les Halles are currently subsidized by the Town Hall; the new market would be privately organised and funded, and therefore much more expensive for the stallholders. Our quartier is already struggling to survive, moving les Halles would be a final nail in the coffin. The proposed site, on top of a new carpark, is rather empty of other commerce or inhabitants. Surely it would be better to invest in regenerating les Halles (the building is classified) and our historic residential quartier rather than throwing money into a new project?

Sorry, very dull post for anyone who doesn't live in Béziers. So that'll be all my readers then. Still, quite fun to see the fellas in the paper, n'est-ce pas?


  1. I don't live in Beziers but am interested as I've been to the very lovely market with you and can understand the local outrage. It's the same everywhere - they put up the tolls at our bustling (outside) weekly market and the following week it wasn't quite a bustling. Fight the good fight!

  2. Not a dull post at all. They all know me in there as well and I'd be very sad to see it go! I think you should do your best to fight it moving.

    Get Matilda and Owen to say they wont get fed if les Halles moves. Fight the dirty fight, these things are already dead in the UK a lot worse off for it.

  3. Thank you for the support. We shall fight them on the beaches...

  4. I love what Fanf said (from what I could read). He's a local celebrity and so is lil' O.


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