Thursday, 20 October 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Theo

There is something momentous about reaching the end of your first year on the planet. I think there's something momentous about making it through your first year of parenthood as well. Theo George, lovely son of my lovely new friend Vic, was one today and they came round to celebrate with us along with another new friend, Ashley, and her little boy, Raphael. Two new friends. Two new friends. No one can live at that speed. I love making new friends. I hope I will go on making new friends until I am too old and smelly for anyone to possibly want to be friends with me who has not had the time to build up an affection strong enough to forgive any unsavoury odours.

I whipped up a batch of banana muffins for Theo's birthday cake. Really. I whipped them up. I've always dreamed of being the kind of person who could just 'whip things up'. I shall die happy. Happy and full, because they were yumtious. The best banana cake recipe I've ever tried. And I have tried many. We've reached small cake nirvana round here this week.

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  1. I'll be your friend when you're old and smelly. I'll be old and smelly too (to paraphrase The Beatles). And we'll probably be in different countries so it won't matter. Although I'd like to try your cakes one day...


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