Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise #28 Super Easy, Super Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

Super, super. No pressure then.

My dad sent me this recipe and besides being super it appealed to me because it has a history. Back in the day I used to be something of an historian. The cake recipe contains no eggs or butter as it is thought to have originated in the 1930s, the time of the Depression and World War II rationing, when such things were scarce. It is known as Wacky Cake, which sounds much less intimidating and much more fun than Super Soggy Whatnots.

And so, history aside, were they any good? Well yes they were. The cupcakes stuck in the mould but as the instructions clearly stated that cupcake liners should be used, and I didn't, I only have myself to blame for playing fast and loose with the recipe. So, numptiness aside, they were super super yum. And so was the frosting. The photo at the top shows the one perfect Wacky Cupcake, with the other not so perfect but perfectly edible ones lurking behind it.

I'm increasingly impressed by Matilda. She's such an enthusiastic little baker. She attacks every task with mess-wreaking gusto but I don't mind being liberally besmattered with cake mix for the sake of nurturing a shared passion. Here she is enjoying the fruits of her labours. Super super messy because we couldn't possibly wait for the cupcakes to cool down before trying one, which meant super super melty frosting. Mmmmmmm. Don't ask me why she is wearing her dressing gown. I don't know. Maybe caught up in the sheer decadence of it all, she was having an Oscar Wilde moment.

If anyone wants the recipe you can find it here.


  1. I like "Wacky Cake".
    For some reason, I can't see the pics you posted. But I checked out the link of the recipe and it looks good (i imagine that yours looks better!)

  2. This weekend, we're having friends for dinner and my plan is to make those cupcakes for dessert. We'll see how they turn out...
    Thank you for including the link.


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