Friday, 9 September 2011

Strong by name, strong by nature

Yesterday Matilda returned home from school with a bite mark on her back. Not just teeth marks, some little bugger had actually broken the skin and made her bleed. Part of me reared up on my hind legs, beat my chest and madly hunted around for the miserable creature that had dared hurt my first born. A saner, more reasonable part of me (luckily the part with control over voice function) reassured the extremely embarrassed maîtresse that these things happen. Which they do. But it had bloody well better not happen again.

Matilda seemed rather sanguine about the whole affair at first but this morning when I went to rouse her from her bed she didn't want to get up. She said she didn't want the little boy to bite and hit her so she wasn't going to school. I told her I understood, I wouldn't feel much like going back if someone had taken a bite out of me. I suggested we go and talk to the maîtresse together to make sure it didn't happen again. She got ready for school without a fuss. When we arrived I took her over to the maîtresse, hoping a little chat would reassure her. I launched in but Matilda dashed off to join the other kids. I felt like a bit of a numpty for bringing the subject up again as clearly she had overcome her fear.

So, my RTBC today: my Matilda is a strong, confident, happy little girl. And it'll take more than some rabid pre-schooler to curb her spirit. I am most proud.

When I picked her up at lunchtime I asked her how school had been and she said: "It was good. The little boy didn't eat me."


  1. Matilda may be stubborn, but at least she is not a nut job like this little boy seems to be. Of course it could be the the hair pulling routine started early, and she has got herself a little admirer. ;o)

  2. Is she sipping on your wine there? ;)

  3. Blimey no, this is France, she has her own glass of wine to sip from. And I love her and all, but there are limits. Sharing my wine would very definitely be beyond them ;)


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