Monday, 5 September 2011

School, the verdict: "It was a nice day"

Phew. I will not have to eat my words. There were no tears, no fuss, no problem. Armed with Flash McQueen on and in the rucksack Matilda took her first day at school in her stride.

When I arrived to pick her up she smiled in my direction and merrily carried on playing.

When I asked the teacher how the morning had gone she informed me that Matilda never sits still and is continually picking up things and exploring. Unless I am very much mistaken she intended this as a mild criticism. Ok, maybe I am deluded and Matilda is abnormal but I don't know many two-year olds who are skilled at stasis and I like to encourage curiosity. The teacher was quick to reassure me that Matilda will soon learn to sit still and behave. I'm sure she will. And hopefully her teacher will learn to be a tad more positive and encouraging.

To be fair, I imagine the first day of school is quite stressful for the teachers. Matilda wasn't crying but quite a lot of the other kids were, so I will withhold judgement.

Other than losing my gruntle a little bit with the teacher, I am happy and very proud. When I asked Matilda if she wanted to go to schoool again tomorrow, she looked at me as if I'd asked a silly question. Of course she wants to go again.


  1. What is wrong with never sitting still and picking things and exploring !??? Sometimes adults forget what life is for a young child. From a professional p.o.v. : I don't know about that teacher...hum...

  2. Matilda's teacher would not like me then. I am still not very good at sitting still. I would be very worried if a 2 year old could sit still already. Surely, a teacher of young children should be used to this.


  3. Oh and I forgot to say, her mum is also useless at sitting still. ;op


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