Sunday, 4 September 2011

Romance lives

I know what love looks like.

Yesterday Fanf and I were invited by Helke to a surprise 40th birthday party for Stéphane at a little restaurant by the beach. Only sur-priiiiise!... it wasn't really a 40th birthday party. After the main course Helke stood up to make a speech. I approve. I like women that make speeches. She then asked Stéphane, in front of their two children, and everyone else gathered, to marry her. I approve. I like women that propose. She then told us that if we would just give them ten minutes to get changed the wedding would be taking place on the beach, if we'd be so kind as to join them.

The look on Stéphane's face, I will never forget.

What a beautiful, exciting, courageous, personal, romantic wedding.

And the cake was yum to the tum as well.

(Sorry for the terrible picture, I only had my phone to capture the moment.)


  1. Wow, that is cool. Pass on my congratulations to them next time you see them. xxx

  2. Wow! But boring practical mind kicking in - didn't they have to fill in loads of paperwork and prove their identity and visit the registrar 2 or 3 times in advance, like you do in the UK?

  3. I wondered what happened to all the bureaucracy too. I intend to find out!

  4. That is so cool! How romantic!


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