Wednesday, 7 September 2011

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise #21 macadamia nut white chocolate crumbles

Well, firstly them there's not macadamia nuts, they're almonds. Nary a macadamia nut to be found in the fair town of Béziers. But I like almonds. Full of iron, almonds are. There is no school in France on Wednesdays so I've decided that Wednesday should be 'Mummy and Matilda bake up some yummy fatness' day. One week in, I'm not going to be too cocky about how we'll fare with this resolution.

In other news, the shoes arrived. They are the best shoes in the world ever. Apparently.

I don't know why I'm being all mocking and cool about it. I think they're the best shoes in the world ever too.

And if you're thinking doesn't this look like a nice day... it wasn't. O has been refusing to eat anything except yoghurts and fruit for about a week, and I'm being driven increasingly insane trying to come up with a savoury dish he'll even let touch his lips. Matilda is just... uuururguhghgruhghurhgur ruh. Let's put it down to school but everything is a crisis in her little world right now, the mildest request a gross imposition on her right to be Matilda. And I have had a headache since Sunday.

A blog can make things look pretty, when they're not.


  1. RTBC: the red shoes (awesome!) and Wednesday baking day.

  2. Your next task will be to replace that red dress ;-). xxxx

  3. Indeed, that red dress. I wash it about 4 times a week. When I can prize it off her! xxx


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