Sunday, 25 September 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire Emile

Hooray. A trip out to the Lac de Vailhan to celebrate Emile's 8th birthday. The weather was glorious.

And then it wasn't.

So it was back to Anne and Pascal's for presents and (slightly soggy) cake. But the best cake is always (slightly soggy) cake.

When the sunshine came back we managed to get to the park. Here's them, all lined up and communing with the ducks:

And here's us, you don't often see us, all lined up and enjoying a child-free moment. Them were around. Somewhere. For any concerned readers, I promise we left the park accompanied by the same number of children with which we arrived.

A nice RTBC day. Although none of it made me as cheerful as switching on the laptop when we came home to find that Jen was online and available for our first ever Skype chat. I was so excited to see my dear friend's face and to manage the closest I've come so far to saying a proper hello to her delightful offsprung.


  1. I love the picture of Matilda under the umbrella.

    Also Pascal's severed head sitting on th fence next to the kids looks quite funny! xxx

  2. What a fun day! That's why I want to live in France!
    Skype was fun. I think it's a great way for Owen to blow kisses to Margot and Margot to practice her waving skills ;)


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