Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Date with my Daughter

Today the grand spoilers whisked off Owen (it's Matilda's turn on Thursday) leaving me to enjoy the first tête-à-tête I've had with my little girl for (erm, how old is Owen...?) We went to Béziers' snazzy new Médiathèque to read books and then went for icecream. Her choice. But it might as well have been my choice. I love my mini me.

I think it's important, and fun, to woo your children individually. It's such a different experience only being with one of them. Matilda and I really got to talk and obviously we discussed all the important questions of the day.

Me: Which is your favourite, chocolate or icecream?
Matilda: Er, icecream, no chocolate... oh, I don't know, it's too difficult!
Me: I know!


  1. Normally no comment from me, however as a a parent, your parent if I remember correctly I thought I might match one of the blog key words, and I really need to say that the final photo is an absolute stunner.

  2. How on earth did she mannage to get ice cream nearly all the way up to her ear! xxx

  3. You have created a mini-Bex!


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