Sunday, 18 September 2011

Culture or Cookies...?

Back in the good old, young, free and single days, when Bex's life was all about Bex, I used to be something of a culture vulture. My idea of a good time was to head to the big city (fair London town or gai Paris) for a day of cull-cha. A gallery, a film and a play. Or a museum and two plays. Or, once, three films in one day. Resulting in the worst headache I have ever had in my life.

The closest I get to culture nowadays is listening to Front Row on Radio 4. And that always makes me a bit sad. But this weekend is the Journées Européenes de Patrimoine. A huge cultural event which sees France, and other Europeen countries (though not the UK) open their doors, for free, to all kinds of cultural and heritage sites. So yesterday was going to be a day to release the vulture from its playpen. Only it wasn't.

The day started with a trip to the swimming pool, which had just reopened for the new school year. We met up there with Vic, Tom and Theo. Vic and I are in a newly-established and highly exclusive mother and baby group of two, well, five if you count Matilda, Owen and Theo. And I suppose you probably should count them. Here are Vic and Theo:

After the swim Tom had to go to work so we invited Vic and Theo back for lunch.

At this point, still a whole afternoon left for culturalnulism. But it suddenly struck us, wouldn't it be nice to pop over and see the Stephs. To bring Vic and Theo along to meet some new people. To relax in the Stephs' lovely garden while the kids chase around Benny Hill style. So, revelling in our ludditism, we packed everyone into the car and headed off.

I love days like yesterday that just sort of happen, without anything being planned. And turns out we were quite right to go to the Stephs because Steph made us cookies.

For anyone in any doubt then, the answer to my title question: cookies.

I also spent the day having fun with the camera recently donated to us by lovely generous Uncle Ben. The results (the more presentable ones):

Yes, those are O's legs waggling up top there.

And a little video, showing that O is capable of loving every bit as fiercely as his big sister. In fact, his urge to hug Theo is mildly obsessive.


  1. I'm glad you're making good use of the camera. That pic of Matilda in the pool looks exactly like you at that age. xxx

  2. Margot was smiling watching this video. She's not a big hugger and perhaps got a few ideas...
    I like that colourful chair.


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