Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sunshine and showers

Hello, hello. And may I just say, thank you, it's nice to be missed :)

So, three weeks of fun and games. Ten days in the Vendée. A visit from Alex and Toby. A week of hanging out with my fella and the mini-beasts. And the return of Uncle Ben.

Where to start? In honour of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue I am going to give you the Good news/Bad news version of events.

Bad news: Much as I hate being a cliché I'll start by embracing the cliché that I am. What was it I said, "comfortable and comforting"... Yup. I said it. Tis not true. Me'n'the belle maman, we're just not destined to be best buds. I tried. I failed. We had a fairly serious falling out. I don't feel like rehashing it here, suffice to say il fait un froid de canard entre moi et la belle maman.
Good news: The beau papa still labours happily under the misapprehension that I am the very bees knees of a daughter-in-law.

Bad news: The day after we arrived in the Vendée Matilda got good and poxed.
Good news: It rained and it rained. And it rained. And it was cold (under 20 degrees, glacial... or maybe I'm adjusting to the south of France better than I think). So we didn't feel too bad about sitting about indoors watching Cars with a grumpy itchy mini-beast until Flash McQueen was scorched onto our retinas.

Bad news: It rained and it rained. And it rained.
Good news: I quite like the rain. Matilda was delighted with her new wellies, we enjoyed a grey, soulful, isolated beach and we managed to escape to la forêt de Mervent in between showers, which was that much more beautiful for being freshly watered.

Bad news: Jen, Simon and Margot did not make it over to see us.
Good news: Agnès, Sylvain and Suzon popped over while we were in La Faute and Alex and Toby came and stayed with us when we arrived back in Béziers. Agnès and Alex are two of my comrades-in-arms, and two more adorable comrades-in-arms I could not wish for. It was most life-affirming to sit around and agree on all the wonderful things about being a stay-at-home mum. Suzon and Toby are both gorgeous children. Matilda rather took to Toby (jolly good, as they are already promised to each other) and Alex (she's wisely getting her mother-in-law onside early). Alex frequently addressed Toby as darling and rather hilariously Matilda followed suit: "Come downstairs darling", I heard her raucously bark at him one morning.

Bad news: We took Matilda to the cinema for the first time to see Cars 2, in 3D. It was rubbish.
Good news: Matilda thought it was great and keeps asking when we can go and see Cars again on the "big television". I managed to amuse myself by looking at Matilda in her mini Eric Morecambe glasses.

Bad news: We heard that all the plane trees along the Canal du Midi have to be chopped down because they are diseased. Great sadness.
Good news: We met up with the grandspoilers and Uncle Ben to do a bike ride along the canal and enjoyed the 300 year-old water way in all its shaded leafy glory.

Bad news: I tried and failed to take a family photo.
Good news: I look fairly presentable in both of them ;)


  1. Yourrah! Welcome Back! I have missed you tremendously.
    I like the family pics ;)

  2. Was beginning to think you had got lost in the Vendee and were never coming back. Glad to see you had a typical family holiday.


  3. What Jen said.

    I love Matilda's new wellies - definitely makes the rain worthwhile.

    Will have proper catchup (ketchup)very soon.



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