Friday, 26 August 2011

My mini red me

I have just ordered Matilda a new pair of shoes for the start of school. They are red, they are Camper, they are cool. Most importantly, they were half price. I want a pair. They come in my size and if I had the money... I would have gone there. So probably a good thing I'm impoverished.

It was something of a trial finding the shoes. They had to be red. Everything Matilda wants, she wants in red. If I ask her what flavour icecream she wants, she asks for red. I am not a big fan of pink so this is all to the good. Except, locating any given item in red for a little girl is not easy. Especially in France. I should probably enjoy it while it lasts, no doubt pink will be the order of the day once she starts school and comes into contact with others of her kind.

In other mini me news, Matilda has decided that her favourite CD is Candide by Leonard Bernstein, the 1999 National Theatre cast recording. I had the great good fortune to see this production, it was an amazing show. Matilda and I love singing and dancing along to such wonderful music. I do sometimes wonder if it is appropriate lyrically, especially when I'm gleefully belting out Dear Boy along with Simon Russell Beale, which is about syphilis. A song about venereal disease, the sign of a truly great musical comedy.

This is from the 2005 Live on Broadway version with the New York Philharmonic. It's not as good as the NT version with SRB but at least you can hear the lyrics, which are brilliant.


  1. I wonder why she likes red so much ???? ;)

  2. Very swish, she's going to be over the moon. xxx


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