Thursday, 18 August 2011


No, I am not suffering from a lingerie-fixated strain of Tourette syndrome. My mum, bless her, arrived yesterday with some new knickers for me. I have not bought myself any new knickers since... erm. Most of my knickers have holes. That's to say, at least one more than the requisite pair for the legs. Mum delicately pointed out that she had noticed this while we were at their house and I was sitting in a less than lady-like fashion.

I have not yet quite adapted to my new sartorial regime. Trouser-legged was I this many a long year. Note to self: when wearing skirts and dresses, be careful not to show my fess-es.

I'm slightly perturbed at the thought that other people might also have noticed my rather unsavoury fashion blunder. Please, if any of you did notice something but politely refrained from comment, let's keep it that way.

[Bottom shown not author's own.]

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  1. I definitely would have told you. Probably whilst laughing uncontrollably.



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