Monday, 29 August 2011

Hurricane Nico

We were hit Friday evening, swept up, and left to sink back into the hum drum last night. I'm not sure if my RTBC should be that he was here, or that he's gone.

Nico is the fella's closest childhood friend. The way they explain it, Fanf was the son Nico's parents never had and Nico was the son Fanf's parents never had. Although as far as I can tell all parents enjoyed/ survived the experience of both.

Nico is a bit chatty/ a force of nature/ the boy who never grew up/ a raving egotist/ all of the above, depending on how many hours you've had to spend in his inimitable company. I have seen him twice in which short time I have heard his entire life story. Twice. I suspect he knows nothing about me beyond the fact that I am English.

All that said, he loves Fanf with a passion that is at times frightening, his heart is very definitely, as they say, in the right place, and he can be extremely sweet.

He came with his lovely girlfriend Audrey, who is a wonder herself. Brave brave lady. They don't have kids so we offloaded ours and had a bit of a knees up, courtesy of Nico, who is also very generous. Is it wrong that eating out at a swanky restaurant, having drinks on a barge on the canal du midi and staying out until 3am didn't give me as much pleasure as being able to lie around on the sofa on Sunday morning reading my book, drinking tea and eating chocolate?


  1. Catching up on your ever-lovely posts after a crazy few days. In summary: all your posts make me smile :0) And LOVE M's new red shoes. Why are adult clothes to dull in comparison?!

  2. Nico sounds like such a character. Fun to be around in small doses, I assume.
    How can you stay up so late? 3am? I can barely make it after 11pm on "date nights".

  3. Jen's comment is not helping my 'hipness'.

    The cigarette, stroller, and sandal combo is so french.


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