Thursday, 25 August 2011


I've been meaning to sit down and tap out a post dedicated to the wonder that is O for a while. He gives me oodles of RTBCs every day, as well as quite a few RTBMs by night, but is generally an all-round good egg. He is irresistable. He is a hoot. I would have liked to capture some of the many weird and wonderful ways he spreads his happiness on film but I'm afraid, sans camera, words is all I got*.

The thing about O, the main thing, is that he's funny. I can't really say why or how (way to go with the words Bex) but he is. He doesn't try but he's a natural comedian. Watching him hare around, listening to his piping expressive baby patter and melting in the full force of his big wonky smile, make me laugh. Everything he does makes me laugh. And until you've seen O point you don't know what comedy is. O is an hilarious pointer. A most imperious pointer.

The other thing about O, the other main thing, is that he's charming. He smiles at everybody. Frequently when I am out and about I suddenly sense eyes on me. Although of course they're not on me. I now know to look straight to my son who will be merrily grinning away. O loves to be loved. The other day we were all piling out of the car when he started waving randomly. I looked behind me and realised he was waving goodbye to a man who had just climbed into his car. The man waved at O as he pulled away.

O's current favourite activity is sitting. On steps, on stools, on his cousins but for absolute preference, on his sister. The joy of sitting on Matilda is to wait until the end of the day, when she is tired and taking a bit of time out in front of the old gogglebox while the mother slave prepares tea. This is when O likes to strike. No matter how many times she pushes him away, no matter how many times I bodily unclasp him from Matilda, he goes back, giggling, for more.

O loves a giggle, loves mucking about with his cousins, loves throwing himself at all life has to offer.

*Ok, I cheated a bit. I went back and dug out some archive footage from the holidays. I don't suppose anybody will mind ;)

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  1. Love it!
    Margot does a lot of sitting, too.


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