Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bois de Bourbaki

Today we went to... the Bois de Bourbaki, with Uncle Ben. I love Bourbaki. The path through the woods is not very long but has lots of fun objects to climb, jump off, balance on, crawl over along the way. Matilda, who declared herself tired and needing to return home within a couple of minutes of our arrival, managed to hop, skip and jump her way around the entire parcours with gusto. With a little help here and there from the sturdy shoulders of Uncle Ben. There is also an odd assortment of animals, including currently baby austriches. Matilda eagerly handed over bread and desperately tried to stroke anything she could reach. Owen shouted at them.

[All photos courtesy of Uncle Ben. Hence they're actually good.]

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  1. Owen is so beautiful in that pic! I notice that you were wearing a dress: very summery!


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