Saturday, 20 August 2011

Berceuse Créole

At 10pm last night as both the mini-beasts were running riot and I was desperately singing lullabies, this one caught my attention. Gruesome yes, but I have to admit I sang it with a rather unwholesome conviction.

Dodo fillette
Sainte Elizabeth
Endormez-moi cette enfant
Jusqu'à l'âge de vingt ans
Si elle se réveille
Coupez-lui l'oreille
Et les p'tits oiseaux viendront
Pour manger tous les morceaux
Do oui dodo, c'est mama, qui l'a dit
Do oui dodo, c'est papa qui l'a dit
Dodo, mon petit
Si mon petit ne veut pas faire dodo
Le gros diable va l'emporter

Sleep little girl
Saint Elisabeth
Send this child to sleep (so far, so sweet)
Until the age of twenty (would settle for until tomorrow morning but ok...)
If she wakes
Cut off her ear (yikes, no warning, no time out, no naughty shelf, bam, you lose a body part)
And the little birds will come (aaaaahhhh)
To eat all the pieces (oh)
Sleep yes sleep, mummy has said so (said, screamed, begged)
Sleep yes sleep, daddy has said so (ditto, ditto, ditto)
Sleep my little one
If my little one doesn't want to sleep (some hot milk? a little cuddle? a bedtime story?)
The big devil will take her away (suddenly merely losing a body part doesn't seem so bad, still, nothing like giving kids a bit of incentive)


  1. What's the musical tune for this "lullaby"?

  2. I thought lullabies were supposed to help children sleep. Not give them nightmares.


  3. The tune is really beautiful. I've actually been looking for a CD of Créole lullabies. There are a couple on my CD, all equally beautiful and all equally gory. I tried to find this one online when I wrote the post, but failed :(


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