Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weeee're all go-ing on a...

Yes yes, tomorrow we pile everything into the car and set off up north (cunningly, in the opposite direction to most of the other holiday makers) for the Vendée. When Fanf first suggested going up to the Vendée for our summer holiday, and consequently staying with his parents, I didn't exactly jump for joy. But I smiled pleasantly and said yes. For two reasons.

1. We will be staying much of the time at Fanf's grandmother's holiday house by the sea at La Faute sur Mer. Fanf's favourite childhood memories are of his summers at La Faute with his cousins. Last summer Mamie Jane died and the house is likely to be sold. This will possibly be the last summer that Fanf can share his beloved La Faute with his children. This is really important to him. And thus to me.

2. We have no money.

However, as the year has rolled on over the rough and the smooth I have found myself increasingly looking forward to our little séjour familial. I love the Vendée. It's quite like England. It's old-fashioned (the Vendée was one of the only regions to support the monarchy when the rest of the French decided to off with their heads). They have brioche. And salted butter caramel.

I am also looking forward to seeing my beau père and belle maman, with whom I have developed a comfortable and comforting relationship. This year has been quite tough in places. We're all knackered. It'll be nice to be looked after. Staying with the beaux parents will mean no cooking, no cleaning, no washing. No having to think and plan. It will also mean that Fanf and I can sneak off every now and again for a romantic rendez-vous.

I'm sure when the mini-beasts are a bit older (and Fanf/Clyde and Bex/Bonnie have perfected the noble art of robbing banks... without the tragic ending) we'll enjoy a more hands-on, up'n'at'em holiday, just the four of us. But right now, as I said to Fanf, I can't actually think of anything I'd rather do tomorrow than hop in the car knowing that when we arrive at our destination there will be yummy food, a lovely clean made bed and copious amounts of alcohol.


  1. Have fun. I've booked my flight for the 28th. One way! Xxx

  2. Have a fun holiday Reb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. That photo looks a lot like where we just came back from. I'll let Jen fill you in.

  4. Relaxing holidays are a treat. Enjoy the pampering ;)

  5. Missing your posts. Hopefully you're just having a holiday from posting while you're away. :-) xxxx


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