Thursday, 7 July 2011

Poxed by the chicken and other irritants

O is all spotty, my laptop has shuffled off its mortal coil (I am writing this from the grandspoilers, where we are in self-imposed quarantine) and the car is in the garage with a broken ventilation system that will cost us 260 euros to repair. We suspect that Matilda will be poxed just in time for our holiday chez les grandparents in the Vendée next week. Indeed, my life is not always beautiful.

On the upside, O remains cheerful despite constant smearing, bathing, and daubing with all manner of lotions and potions. He even found the energy to sweep up the patio.

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  1. Now's the perfect time for Margot to visit! Here, in Canada, they have an *optional* vaccine against la varicelle. I didn't want Margot to get the vaccine because I'd rather she caught the chicken pox the natural way (like we all did).
    Check out my blog: our houses will be very clean!


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