Friday, 8 July 2011

Nana knits

My mum is a bit handy with a pair of knitting needles. She has knitted some beautiful things for both the mini-beasts. While we were in exile at their place she presented Matilda with this cute little blue cardi. I'm incredibly impressed by anyone who can knit and I love hand-knitted clothes. Comfy, unique and with the love of the person who knitted it for you in every stitch. I'm doubly impressed by my mum's amazing creations because she has Parkinson's disease so fiddly hand gestures are not always very easy. It gives me a RTBC every time I see Matilda and Owen all snuggled up in a Nana Wendy knit.

Matilda's approach to modelling is mildly eccentric. Kate Moss she ain't.*

*Is my reference to Kate Moss hopelessly out of date? I know absolutely nothing about modelling and fashion.


  1. Wow! Your mum is a knitter extraordinaire! And her choice of colour is lovely (i.e. i applaud anything that isn't pink!). Bex, you are very lucky to have a knitting teacher nearby ;)

  2. She's far prettier than Kate Moss. And that cardigan is stylish.


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