Thursday, 9 June 2011

A very ordinary day

Today was a good day. Today was such a good day that the mini-beasts are both already in bed. It's only 8.30pm. Fanf's not here. What do I do with myself??? Well, obviously the first thing I do is write a post. Hmmm, I do wonder sometimes if blogging is not a huge distraction from something more worthwhile...

So today was a good day. Not because anything special happened. Nothing special happened. We did exactly what we always do. We got up. We went to the market. We played. We ate. O napped. Matilda and I played. We went to the park. We came home. The mini-beasts took a bath (this doesn't happen every day, this happens when they start to smell). O conked out drinking his bottle. Bed for him. Matilda asked (asked!) if she could go to bed at 8.15pm. But somehow this very ordinary day was extraordinarily lovely. Despite the fact that both my children weed on me.

And here I am. There are a hundred and one useful, even necessary activities which I could gainfully undertake. But what I intend to do is take myself off to bed with H.G. Wells. And on that bombshell...


  1. I wrote my post before reading yours.
    I hope that one day Margot asks if she can go to bed early.

  2. H.G Wells? Hmmm...

    BTW - finally finished Anna Karenin. I agree with what you said a long time ago, wasn't my favourite read.


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