Thursday, 30 June 2011

One Singular Sonsation

Yup, our little O has made it to his first birthday. And through rather a lot of banana and chocolate bread (Matilda only got banana bread for her 1st birthday, which goes to show that the second doesn't always get it worse) and strawberries.

We were touched by, and a little jealous of, all the lovely cards and presents that winged their way to France. Matilda is currently roadtesting them all.

I can remember thinking when I was pregnant with Owen, how could I possibly love another one like I love Matilda? And then along came O, and that smile. He's also starting to develop quite a little temper, particularly when it comes to food he wants and is not getting... particularly when that food is chocolate. He's a chocolate chip off the old block.

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  1. Happy BIrthday little Owen! You are so lucky to be the second child – imagine not getting chocolate on your birthday? IMAGINE?!

    Hope you had a smashing day. xxx


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