Thursday, 16 June 2011

Looking for inspiration

I find myself strangely uninspired to write posts without the aid of my trusty camera. Odd, given that I aspire to be a writer. And I'm a terrible photographer! On Sunday Matilda decided to go to the market in her sundress, and her snake mittens. It was quite the look. Last night she donned one of our Egyptian napkins (everyone has Egyptian napkins, right?) and her plastic dinosaur bucket on her head which looked rather medieval. I would have loved to have taken photos. Also, due to the ridiculous heat (over 30 degrees, now is that really necessary?) my computer goes on strike between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Also also due to the ridiculous heat I go on strike between the hours of 3am and 9pm. But, I have decided to turn scab and try to refind my inspiration.

Here are some things that are giving our little housebarelyholdingtogether RTBCs at the moment.

"Tu me connais, je suis un mec simple: vous. De quoi j'aurais besoin d'autre?" Bless.

Jen and Ju's blogs, both inspirational
Secret thoughts and plans

Cars, especially Flash McQueen, because he's red
Her red shoes with the strawberry and the ladybird (a "cocky nell")
Her red boat dress
(yes, yes, the maternal brainwashing is clearly working a treat, the only colour she doesn't know the word for is pink)
Dancing with mummy

Walking like a miniature happy drunk
Climbing like a miniature sherpa
Eating like a miniature Henry VIII


  1. You are inspirational too!

    And what is this Entourage of which you speak? Is it off the box with moving pictures?

    Or do you mean you have an entourage - a small but select group of specialists following you round and fulfilling your every need?

  2. I was wondering where Henry VIII would appear ;)
    Fanf: you have such simple pleasures. That's inspirational!
    Matilda: Red is an inspirational colour. So happy that you are a red and not pink girl!
    Owen: Walking, climbing, eating, those are all inspirational feats!
    And my Bex: secret thoughts and plans... hum... since they are secret, I won't dare ask. But am dying with curiousity! Thoughts and plans are so inspirational!


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